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Are you a Dorset resident looking for reliable, affordable, and efficient concrete mixing services? Direct Mini Mix has been the go-to choice for citizens of the region for almost a decade and a half. Trusted for our family values and devotion to our customers, we have amassed a superb reputation as Dorset’s finest concrete mixing professionals. 

Our mobile services reach clients far and wide, directed by our helpful staff of trained specialists. We pride ourselves on our eco-friendly services, prioritising low-waste methods and sustainable materials. Not only are our services ISO approved, but they are also available 24/6 for your convenience. 

Our team, reinforced by our mighty fleet of mixer vehicles, is there for you every step of the way to eliminate any stress or confusion you may foster about the concrete mixing process. Take the easy way out and recruit Direct Mini Mix for a speedy, stress-free service today! 

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Residents throughout the region have come to us time and time again for our impeccable concrete mixing services. We have a diverse client base, with our customers only too happy to make recommendations on our behalf. Our mixer expertise is bolstered by countless testimonials, expressing overall positivity and satisfaction with the concrete work we have delivered. Make sure to read our online reviews for all the reassurance you need before recruiting us! 

Reliable and Affordable Concrete Mixer

Who says that quality concrete services have to set you back financially? With Direct Mini Mix, you’ll be relieved to know that affordability is a key feature of our mixer services. We place our customer at the heart of everything we do, so we are aware of the need to maintain a budget. All you have to do is communicate your needs to our friendly team. No matter what we mix, we’ve got you covered! 

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    Ready Mixed Concrete 

    What sets our company apart is our attention to measurement accuracy to deliver the best end product possible. We utilise a singular technique to mix concrete, so we can now mix extra portions on-site without having to schedule a second visit or place an extra order. With our state-of-the-art mixer vehicles, we can adjust volume, proportion, and consistency per your individual request without sacrificing concrete quality or durability. 

    The good news is that we mix everything on-site instead of at a centralised mixing facility, saving our clients precious time and costs on scheduling a secondary visit. With this in mind, our team will never charge you for additional materials unless they are actually used for your projects; the leftovers of what we mix will be returned at no extra cost.  

    As opposed to traditional poured concrete, our speciality is foamed concrete. Better known as reduced density concrete, we mix it using an air entrainment technique. As we mix, the overlapping layers trap air bubbles within the concrete, resulting in a less dense creation that still bears all the resilient qualities of traditional concrete. 

    Insulation is a bonus feature, as heat becomes trapped in the embedded air bubbles, detracting from the cold, raw feel one usually expects from typical concrete surfaces. 

    Concrete Company Bournemouth


    To mix the material is the first piece of the puzzle. Proper preparation of your laying ground is a prerequisite to impressive concrete finishes. For this purpose, we have provided you with a list of steps that will keep your concrete looking brandnew for the foreseeable future.   

    1. Concrete requires a flat surface. Either dig into the earth until you’ve reached the desired firmness or simply construct a hard, flat base. 
    2. Levelling the surface is a must for achieving accurate depth readings so that your poured concrete layer is as flat as possible. 
    3. Make sure to dig footings at exact intervals of width and channel out any water that has landed in the space after rainy weather. 
    4. To bolster the foundation of the base, wooden shutters must be wedged at the bottom. These are then firmly affixed to the ground to grant them resistance against the weighty concrete. 
    5. Moisture is a no-go when applying concrete. Should your base be excessively waterlogged, it would be best to spread a polythene layer to form a barrier against the dampness.   
    6.  You’re all ready to pour the concrete now! 

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    Why Choose Direct Mini Mix? 

    A local business with 12 years of experience to its name, our company prides itself on providing stellar concrete mixing services  for competitive prices, all while prioritising our customers’ satisfaction. Not only are we loved for our friendly approach and customer loyalty, but also for the quality of our concrete materials and professional mixer technique. 

    Our amiable team operate a fleet of modern concrete mixer vehicles to deliver the best on-site concrete services to clients. Because we mix with precision and skill, it’s no wonder we have received overwhelmingly positive testimonials praising us for our work! 

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    If a concrete mixer project has been on that pesky to-do list for longer than you can remember, let us give you the peace of mind you need. We have perfected our technique over the years, channelling our experience into bringing you the best service possibleWith our reliable concrete services, it’s never been easier to tackle a mixer project head-on, with little fuss or hassle. 

    Request a quote now on our webpage by getting in touch with our team. You can call or email, whatever is most convenient to you. Send in your enquiries to our specialists by filling in the contact form on our webpage, to target any doubts or questions you have about our service. We offer each of our customers individualised quotes according to the requirements they have in mind, so make sure you request yours now! Direct Mini Mix looks forward to working with you!