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If you’re looking to consult with your local liquid screed specialists, look no further than Direct Mini Mix.

We provide a complete service with all liquid screed mixed on site by our friendly team of professionals. All inquiries are welcome be they domestic or commercial, and we offer FREE/same day delivery. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are fully insured, ISO and BSI compliant. If you’ve never ordered concrete before and are unsure as to how to proceed, the quickest way to find out is to give our team a call. We’ve also taken the liberty of including some useful information regarding liquid screed as well as the service that our team provides.

What Can Your Local Liquid Screed Specialists Do For You?

For the majority of our clients, placing an order for concrete is not something that they are accustomed to. As such, it can be easy to order too much or not enough resulting in costly delays or unwanted wastage. Here at Direct Mini Mix, we have a fleet of mix-on-site lorries, and all we need from you is a rough estimate.

Our team will take care of the rest for you. We’ll mix as much liquid screed as you require – no waste and no mess. You’ll never be charged for what you don’t use, and our company never charges for part loads or return charges. When you choose Direct Mini Mix, you’ll have complete peace of mind that you’ll be using a service that is guaranteed to save you money.

What is Liquid Screed?

Liquid screed is a component that is essential in the construction of concrete surfaces. From domestic to commercial surfaces, it is suitable for a range of applications including those that incorporate underfloor heating. In fact, liquid screed improves the overall efficiency of underfloor heating as it is capable of fully encasing the pipework.

At Direct Mini Mix, we use Gypsol binder in the production of liquid flowing screed. Gypsol screed is environmentally friendly, releasing up to 95% less carbon dioxide when compared with sand cement screed. As well as improving thermal efficiency, it can also be installed to a much shallower depth. This leaves plenty of room for sub-screed insulation, improving comfort while minimising the cost and impact on the environment.

Gypsol self-compacting flowing screed is made by combining a Gypsol binder with sand, water and specially selected additives. Manufactured to BS EN 13813:2002 standards, it is ideally suited for use in floating, bonded and unbonded construction. It is also designed for use where underfloor heating systems are to be incorporated and delivers a smooth, flat surface.





Screed Types

It can often seem rather daunting trying to identify the correct choice of screed to use, but Direct Mini Mix can help you reach the right decision quickly. Our team provides a range of screed types, including:

  • Traditional Screed
  • Free-Flowing Screed
  • Floor Levelling Compounds
  • Structural Screeds
  • Fast Drying Floor Screeds/Accelerated Screeds

Benefits of Liquid Screed

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, it’s worth noting some of the many benefits of liquid screed. First, liquid screed can be force dried in just seven days in some cases and can be walked on after just 24-48 hours. Less is more; the same results can be achieved with less liquid screed when compared with traditional concretes saving you money and improving efficiency.

The liquid nature of the screed makes it possible to pump the screed into even the most hard-to-reach locations. This makes it ideally suited for installation in a wide range of properties. As the screed can flow around pipes and to a shallower depth, air pockets are eliminated as is the amount of energy required to heat the floor. This results in energy savings.

Finally, consistency – at Direct Mini Mix, we mix all screed on site to the exacting specifications of the client. As no cross contamination ever occurs, you can rest assured that the mix you request is the mix that you’ll receive.

Is there anything else you would like to know about our liquid screed? Would you like to request a consultation with a member of our team? Call Direct Mini Mix today on 01202 737 733 to chat with one of our liquid screed specialists.

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